There is no doubting that there are some colorful characters in the heavy metal scene, with their own distinct personas. Each genre has its own look, such as hair metal, which is typified by musicians with long flowing hair and even the addition of make-up. Other bands stick to the familiar combination of denim and leather, and others have a very individual style, such as Kiss or Slipknot.

Musicians in Real Life

Many people might be surprised to learn that heavy metal musicians only keep up their crazy image when on stage or shooting a video. They enjoy nothing more than living in a comfortable home with their family in real life. They take an interest in the more mundane aspects of life, such as choosing new Ikea couch covers or decorating the house. Their fans would probably be disappointed to see them relaxing on the sofa watching TV rather than throwing wild parties!

The Pleasure of Coming Home

Any heavy metal musician will tell you that it’s actually not quite the rock and roll dream that everyone imagines. There is a lot of waiting around, especially when it comes to live gigs, as the sound checks need to be done several hours in advance. Long days in the recording studio can also take their toll. It’s undoubtedly a pleasure to finally get back home and relax, especially if the sofa has some attractive Ikea couch covers to make the room design nice and cozy.

Never Too Old to Rock and Roll

There are many famous heavy metal bands where it’s fair to say that the musicians are getting on in years. They probably enjoy spending time with their wives looking through the Bemz website rather than clambering up on stage for a couple of hours. However, the show must go on, and they have to live up to their heavy metal image, rather than being seen as someone who is more interested in Ikea couch covers than guitars!

Heavy metal musicians definitely have two sides to their character, and fans must realize that sometimes they are acting out a role rather than showing their true personality.