Choosing a heavy metal track for your video can be a time-consuming task. It can take hours before finding the right one if you don’t know where to find royalty-free music. If you have a project that requires a heavy metal track, here is what you need to know.

Determine Your Objective

Before you choose a heavy metal track, you should be aware of the needs of your target audience. No music genre is as triumphant as metal. There is a strong correlation between a great mood and heavy metal sounds. To pick the right track, narrow down the options by defining your goals. You can even try for free before making a final decision.

Search, Refine, and Filter

You must be sure of what you are about to give the audience. The beats should match the character of your audience. Go to a royalty free music site and make use of the browse button and the genre section. When the search results show up, you may refine and filter to find the closest to what you are looking for. Sort the results by artist names, themes, or moods. You can also choose your preferred track length as well as beats per minute or tempo. A low pace is ideal for commercials while high tempo for workout videos. Alternatively, choose according to the event you want to publish e.g., birthday or Christmas. Even if you don’t find the exact track you want, there is always something to match your taste. Just listen to a variety of songs.

When searching for heavy metal in a music library, it is good to compile your own playlist. This might help you in the future when you have similar projects. Don’t forget to analyze and edit the footage to get a clear picture of what your final work will be.