Are you a music enthusiast who is a devout fan of heavy metal music? Or, do you want to know if you’re a true metal fan. A metalhead is a person who loves to listen or sing metal music. You can also consider yourself a metalhead if you’ve extensive knowledge or experience in metal music. So, what are the signs that show you’re into metal music?

You Like Listening to Metal Music

The biggest sign that you’re a true metal is if you listen to this genre of music on a daily basis. Having fewer than two best metals songs doesn’t mean that you don’t like metal music. Check your playlist. And if it features a couple metal tracks from some of the most revered metal bands, then you qualify to be a metalhead.

You Sing Along (and Dance) to Various Metal Tracks

Ultimately, you learn the lyrics of a track when you play and listen to the song several times. You may even go to an extent of searching the lyrics of your favorite metal hits online. Whether the metal track plays in your house, car, or from your neighbor’s, you sing along to the song. If you’re not good at singing, you find yourself nodding or dancing divinely to the tune.

Metalhead Lifestyle

Do you have friends who love metal, specifically heavy metal? If you hang around fellow heads, you can confidently say you’re not a poser. You don’t have to exclude or avoid any of your friends who aren’t into metal music. But at least one or two of the people you spend time with should be metal heads. You’re also a metalhead if you wear metal clothing, such as guitar pick necklaces, and own some metal music instruments.

Attend Metal Shows

Metal shows are some of the best music events you’ll want to attend. As a true metalhead, you even want to travel miles to watch your favourite metal artists. But do you know the date and venue of the next metal event? Visit the musician or band’s websites or social media to check if they’ve got an upcoming tour.

Now that you know the traits of true people who love heavy metal, you may want to know the tips of becoming a good metalhead. Listen to old bands, such as Black Sabbath, Slayer, Metallica, and Megadeth. But never stop looking for new metal bands. Be sure to attend a couple metal shows and download some of your all time best metal songs. If you’re an upcoming heavy metal musician, contact Amuse music distribution company to find out what it takes to be a good artist and and get free distribution for your songs. Research about this genre of music and understand the differences between its sub-genres. Finally, be kind to people, respect other people’s opinions, and enjoy the music.